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Oily Water Separator
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Oily Water Separator

EPS Oily Water Separator (EGG Plate Separator)
Oily Water Separator

EPS Oily Water Separator (EGG Plate Oil Water Separator) is a system for separating oil from water in the mixture, which is based on the dissimilitude of specific gravity (:buoyancy) between oil & water. The type is to fill up the EPS pack in the fourcorne & tank to raise the separation capability of the mixture by the action of separation with EPS pack.

EPS Oily Water Separator is rated as the latest mode and operates in physical way. It can be operated without power supply. It has excellent efficiency of oily water separation & sludge removal. And it can be used semi-permanently just by cleaned every 6000 hours without pulling out the pack.

Principle of EPS Oily Water Separator PACK

The principle of oily water separating follows 'STOKE'S LAW' based on the dissimilitude of specific buoyancy (specific gravity) in oil water mixture and mixture's floating by the buoyancy.

Therefore the 'STOKE'S LAW' is efficiently applied to this EPS Oily Water Separator and in rectangular tank oil-water mixture passes through the lots of egg shape plates which piled up horizontally at regular intervals. Then, oil drop and sludge have regular speed of current and oil drops may rise up to the hole by the buoyancy, the sludge may go down by the specific gravity.

The oil drops which gathered around the tops of egg-shape plates rise to the surface through the oil-hole and the sludge which gathered around the hollows of plates falls down to the sediment area. In consequence of this, lots of horizontal plates reduce the time needed for oil drops to rise by hundreds time. Therefore each size and specific gravity of the oil drops and the sludge which should be removed, determine both rising time and subsiding time. So the interval and quantity of EPS PACK are decided according to above.